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From the export trade to the millers, from warehousemen to transporters and coffee equipment suppliers, our esteemed members have tremendous impact in Kenya's diverse coffee industry.

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Exporters (Dealers)

They are key to the supply chain linking the origin and consuming destination and bridging the time gaps between supply and demand. In addition to providing finance to both sellers and buyers, taking on the price risk, as well as the overseas marketing, commercialization and logistics functions and coffee quality expertise that has taken decades to harness.

Millers and Marketing Agents

They promote coffee farming by offering vital supply chain services that include financial advances, extension services, corporate governance and certification, aimed at increasing coffee yields, quality and value. Investment in new milling machinery also enhances the value of the final product, and improves efficiency.


They ensure quality of coffee through provision of storage and logistics expertise (issue coffee warrants which are important legal and trade documents) on behalf of both the farmer and exporter.

Coffee Equipment Suppliers

They provide necessary coffee processing equipment and machinery