Who We Are

About Us

The Kenya Coffee Traders Association (K.C.T.A.) was registered on 17th April 2002 under Section 10 of the Societies Act, following changes in the Coffee Act.

The Association has enjoyed loyal support from industry stakeholders across the value chain.

  • Millers
  • Marketing Agents
  • Dealers
  • Warehousemen
  • Roasters
  • and Coffee Equipment suppliers

and through effective consultations with AFFA-Coffee Directorate, Coffee Research Institute and Nairobi Coffee Exchange, has established itself as a highly respected and professional coffee trade association.

Our Vision

Provide reliable source of expertise and experience within the Kenya Coffee Industry.

Our Mission

Advocate and support efforts towards strengthening the Kenya Coffee Industry.

Core Objectives:

  • Represent and further interests of member companies in the Kenya Coffee Industry.
  • Promote Kenyan Coffee and its industry in the international market.
  • Act as a forum for discussion and exchange.
  • Disseminate coffee industry information to the members.
  • Promote better trade practices and business efficiency for the Kenya Coffee Industry.
  • Engage in dialogue with the statutory bodies in Kenya to advice on policy reforms.
  • Collaboration for strengthening best practices and a sustainable future for the Kenya Coffee Industry

In Collaboration with

Coffee Quality Institute appointed Kenya Coffee Traders Association in 2013 as an In- Country Partner (ICP) as a Regional Grading Centre to conduct Q and /or R Grading. The ICP is a neutral body to the local coffee industry and maintains integrity in its implementation of the Q Coffee System, promotion and protocols. All Q-Grading is conducted by Certified Q Graders who are competent, experienced and ethical.

For a number of years now KCTA has supported the coffee industry training program with DKUT (Dedan Kimathi University College of Technology), firstly by developing a curriculum for education in coffee, but more importantly in helping to place students for training within the industry.
Over the years diploma and certificate students have been received well and completed their attachments successfully. All were placed as interns, largely thanks to the association members playing an active role in providing on-the-job training for our young people. Many of these students have taken up full time positions in our coffee labs and warehouses, and with time the most successful will provide the next generation of expert liquorers.

This competition is the Olympic Games for master coffee makers or 'baristas' and is organized by the African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) and Kenya Coffee Traders Association (KCTA) - (Account Custodian) - in collaboration with the Kenyan Coffee Industry stakeholders including Dormans Coffee, Nairobi Java House and other hospitality outlets such as Sarova Hotels, Serena Hotels, Sankara Hotel, Tribe Hotel, Fairview among others. The event attracts competitors from Kenya's premier hotels, restaurants and coffee houses and the winner further represents Kenya in the Africa Barista Championship as well as the World Barista Championship. This event is highly promoted, as it serves a dual function in promoting coffee consumption and improved quality coffee production as you can see from the following goals;

  • Introduce Kenyans to the fact that their coffee is among the best in the world
  • Stimulate domestic consumption of coffee by allowing the public to test and taste quality coffee
  • Foster improvement of quality in all links of the value chain: From farm to cup
  • Introduce value added coffee products into the market for the benefit of all

KCTA has assisted in organizing both the Taste of Harvest and African Fine Coffee Conference & Exhibition.

We jointly recognize the need for sustainability in the industry and are willing to assist and support the stakeholders in the coffee value chain in endeavours to create an enabling environment. The collaboration has a MISSION to improve the quality and quantity of coffee production in Kenya by:

  • Distributing positive and beneficial coffee information through existing and new channels of communication.
  • Advocating for stable, enabling and confident business environment.
  • Promoting corporate governance throughout the cooperative sector.
  • Exploiting group dynamics for certification and marketing purposes.

KCTA has maintained an excellent relationship with the Authorities - Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority -Coffee Directorate, Nairobi Coffee Exchange and Coffee Research Institute. This has led to several joint initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Coffee Industry Training Program
  • Extension Services
  • Coffee Experts Examination
  • Mark of Origin Certification
  • Coffee Industry Standards and Policy reforms